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Respected Speaker for CAT 2021 Conference - Adylkhan Tovassarov
Adylkhan Tovassarov
Central Asian Institute for Ecological Research, Kazakhstan
Title : Analysis of data on the reactivity of asymmetric dimethyl hydrazine and probable routes of its decomposition


The article presents data on the reactivity of asymmetric dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and the likely routes of its oxidative decomposition. For the first time, the authors presented the most complete picture of reactions occurring during UDMH oxidation on the basis of their own long-term experimental data obtained in the course of model and field studies, including in areas of accidental fall, and literature data on the preparation methods, properties, reactions, and use of nitrogen-containing organic compounds.


Dr. Tovasarov studied Ph.D. chemistry at the Kazakh National Technical University. K.I.Satpayev, Kazakhstan, and graduated in 2002. Then he joined the research group of academician E.E. Ergozhin laboratory of ion exchange resins at the Institute of Chemical Sciences. A.B.Bekturova. In 2006 he defended his thesis on "Ion-exchange materials based on natural sorbents and the study of their properties", in the same Institute. The field of scientific research of Dr. Tovasarova is environmental regulation, and issues of environmental safety in space activities, chemical and petrochemical industries. From 2012 to the present, he is the General Director of the Central Asian Institute of Environmental Research LLP. He has over 70 scientific articles in various scientific journals.