Organometallics is the flagship journal of organometallic chemistry and records progress in one of the most active fields of science, bridging organic and inorganic chemistry. The journal publishes Articles, Communications, Reviews, and Tutorials (instructional overviews) that depict research on the synthesis, structure, bonding, chemical reactivity, and reaction mechanisms for a variety of applications, including catalyst design and catalytic processes; main-group, transition-metal, and lanthanide and actinide metal chemistry; synthetic aspects of polymer science and materials science; and bioorganometallic chemistry.

For the purposes of this journal, an "organometallic" compound is defined as one in which there is a bonding interaction between one or more carbon atoms of an organic group or molecule and a main-group, transition, lanthanide, or actinide metal atom (or atoms). Following longstanding tradition, organic derivatives of the metalloids (such as boron, silicon, and the like) are included in this definition. Furthermore, manuscripts dealing with metal-containing compounds that do not have metal–carbon bonds will be considered if there is a close relationship between the subject matter and the principles and practice of organometallic chemistry.

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