Publishing Information

We would be honoured to announce that our 5th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology  (CAT-2019) has collaborated with Emission Control Science and Technology journal by Springer.

Publication Information: 
Conference Proceedings will be published in Emission Control Science and Technology for free as a Special Issue. All submissions will be subject to customary peer review of Emission Control Science and Technology before they are considered for publication.

About the Journal:
Emission Control Science and Technology is a forum for publication of the latest research on control of emissions from mobile and stationary sources. ECST journal was started in 2015 and so far it has published 4 Volumes, 16 Issues & 112 Articles.

  • The only forum devoted solely to Emission Control Science and Technology.
  • Competing publications are either in a different area [catalysis or environmental science] or are not peer-reviewed.
  • Balanced mixture of rapid communications, research papers, and review articles.
  • Broad appeal: market includes industry, government, and academia.

Papers are also welcome on various aspects of development and technology. The investigation may be experimental, theoretical, or computational.

It’s an announcement for all the speakers/presenters who are interested can actively submit your full length manuscripts to the special issue in Emission Control Science and Technology.