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Respected Speaker for CAT 2021 Conference - Nikolaeva Larisa Andreevna
Nikolaeva Larisa Andreevna
Kazan State Power Engineering University, Russian Federation
Title : Treatment of a petrochemical industries wastewater from oil products with hydrophobic carbonate sludge


Technology for the adsorption treatment of a petrochemical industry's wastewater from oil films and dissolved oil products by developed powdery and granular sorption materials based on carbonate sludge is proposed. Carbonate sludge is an energy waste generated during the preliminary purification of raw water during liming and coagulation. The technological characteristics and the adsorption capacity of the sludge with respect to dissolved and emulsified oil products are determined. To increase the adsorption capacity and wettability by nonpolar compounds, it is proposed to carry out volumetric hydrophobization of carbonate sludge with Silor silicone fluid. Powdered material was obtained by modifying sludge (humidity 3%, particle size dh = 0.01–0.05 mm) with 100% Silor liquid with a volume ratio of the solid and liquid phase of 5: 1 followed by heat treatment at 150°C for 60 min until a constant mass was established. The oil capacity of the material of 0.95 g/g, the contact angle of 115°, and the technological characteristics of the sorption material were determined. For petrochemical industries' wastewater treatment from oil products, it is proposed to use the material for collecting floating oil films in the sumps of the technological scheme. Technology has been developed for producing granular sorption material: granules formed from carbonate sludge when mixed in a ratio of 1: 2 with a binder liquid sodium glass are heat-treated at 700°C for 60 min, then 5% are impregnated with Silor water emulsion and dried to constant weight. It is proposed to use granular material in technological schemes for the posttreatment of wastewater from dissolved oil products as a load in adsorption filters.


Dr. Nikolaeva L.A. studied Chemistry at the Kazan State University, Russian Federation, and graduated with an MS in 1987. She then joined the research group of Prof. Zhuikov V.V. at the Kazan State University, Russian Federation. She received her Candidate of Chemical Sciences in 1990 at the Kazan State Technological University (specialty physical chemistry); Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2017 at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology (specialty Ecology (in chemical and petrochemical industries). In 2002 she obtained the position of Associate Professor at the Kazan State Power Engineering University. Nowadays, she is Professor at the Kazan State Power Engineering University. She has published more than 100 research articles