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Honorable Organizing Committee Member for CAT 2021 Conference - Alexander Malyschew,
Alexander Malyschew
Technical Product Manager Sasol Performance Chemicals, Germany
Title : Catalyst-support design is a basis for catalyst design. example - alumina


The nature and quality of the carrier material are a key function of the catalysts performance. Chemical composition and physical properties, such as surface area, pore-volume, pore radius, crystal phase, and morphology as well as particle shape and size distribution are crucial for successful development. In particular, slurry and fluid bed catalysts demand highly sophisticated carrier materials with regard to particle size distribution, particle morphology, and attrition. Based on alkoxide sol-gel technology in combination with drying, classifying, shaping, and calcination it is possible to develop unique tailor-made high purity catalyst supports (oxide increment >99.7%). Production parameters and subsequent processing steps allow tight control over physical properties such as crystallite size, crystal phase, porosity, particle size distribution, and attrition resistance.


Dr. Alexander Malyschew studied Chemistry at the Shevchenko-University, Kiev, form. USSR and graduated as MS in 1979. He then joined the research group of Prof. Y. Deynega at the Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (IC&WC-UAS). He received his Ph.D. degree in 1989 at the same institution. After one year postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Prof. Ortner at the Material Science Chair, Darmstadt Technical University Germany he obtained the position of research fellow by the same University and since 1999 of Technical Product Manager at SASOL Germany GmbH 20 scientific and technological articles.