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Saima Sadiq

Title: Controllable oxidation of cyclohexane to KA oil using manganese ferrite nanoparticles

Saima Sadiq

Kyungpook National University, South Korea


I, Saima, earned my MPhil recently, funded by Department of Chemistry, University of Malakand, Pakistan. Beside my MPhil, I am a student of MS at Kyungpook National University, South Korea. I have published four papers in peer reviewed journals of international repute. Beside these, I have attended many conferences in various countries. 


Manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4) nanoparticles were utilized for solvent-free oxidation of cyclohexane to cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone (KA oil) in the presence of molecular oxygen. The uniformed sized and thermally stable MnFe2O4 nanoparticles (0.15g) showed activity for KA oil with selectivity of 60 % at 350 K. The effect of reaction temperature, reaction time, catalyst amount, oxygen pressure, and catalyst stability on MnFe2O4 was studied in detail. The catalyst showed stable performance without detectable leaching and could be recycled at least 5 times. The Arrhenius plot activation energy was 82.54 kJ/mol confirmed that the reaction was in kinetic controlled regime. The high selectivity and activity, easy synthesis, simple separation, recyclability, and ecofriendly nature, place MnFe2O4 a valuable catalyst for solvent-free oxidation of CH-to-KA oil and can be an effective alternative for industrial applications.