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Vishal Saini

speaker for catalysis conferences 2017 - Vishal Saini

Title: Thermodynamic, Kinetics, Mechanical, Electrical and Surface Study of Corrosion Inhibitor

Vishal Saini

JGPG College, India


I graduated at Govt. National College, Sirsa (India) with keen interest in Biotechnology and Chemistry by completed projects at Krishi Vigyan Kendra running under ICAR, India and Vita Dairy Plant in Sirsa. I completed my M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. from C.D.L. University with work on projects on corrosion science and cooling tower’s problems and solutions. I was topper (Gold Medalist) in M.Sc. in university and have been appreciated for achievements and performance in my work by sub division magistrate and many local bodies.  My teaching interests include physical chemistry and research interests include corrosion science, electrochemistry, thermodynamic, material science, surface chemistry and kinetics. I published several research papers in reputed journals. I am selected for interview of 500 intellectual persons on earth for 2017 conducted by USA NEWSCORP and invited for book writing for LAP Publishing House, Germany on the behalf on global interest in my work published in IRJPAC in 2016. I got best poster award in national conference CTCST-15. My few research articles include
1.    “Augmentation of corrosion inhibition properties of thiourea by aliphatic amines in presence of chloride ions and SO2 environment” in International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2016)
2.    “Synergistic effect od cetyltrimethylethylenediammine with 1,3-diaminopropane, 1-benzylimidazole and 5-aminotetrazole as vapour phase corrosion inhibitors for mild steel under different aggressive atmospheric conditions at high temperature” in Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry (2015)
3.    “Thermodynamic, kinetics, mechanical, electrical and surface study of corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic environment” in International Journal of Chemical and physical Sciences (2017)
4.    “Enhancement of corrosion inhibition action of thiourea by aromatic amines” in Global Journal of Engineering Sciences and Researches (2015)
5.    “DAA, 1-BIZ and 5-ATZ as vapour phase corrosion inhibitor for mild steel under different aggressive atmospheric conditions at high temperature” in International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (2014)
6.    “Corrosion characterstics of vapour phase corrosion inhibitor for mild steel under atmospheric conditions” in The Journal of Corrosion Science and Enginnering  (2011)
7.    “Influence of TSP antiscalant on corrosion of carbon steel in cooling water system II” in Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (2009)
I am member of BOS of C.D.L.University and also of advisory and purchasing committee of colleges and institutions. Presently I am working as HOD of Chemistry and Head of Science Faculty in J.G.P.G. College, Ellenabad, Sirsa and director of an academic institute provide coaching in field of science, technology and commerce since 10+ years.


“Thermodynamic, kinetic, mechanical, electrical and surface study of mild steel in 1.0 M HCl solution with corrosion inhibitor were performed by using gravimetric analysis, adsorption isotherm analysis, resistance gradient analysis and analysis of different elastic constants like Young’s modulus (Y), Bulk modulus (K) , Shear modulus (η) and Poisson’s ratio (σ).  DMGO is very effective corrosion inhibitor at atmospheric conditions and high temperatures also, in HCl solution due to its basic nature and adsorption action on mild steel surface by many lone pair sites and unsaturated π delocalized system present in its structure. The rate of increase in resistance gradient due to corrosion action of mild steel decreases significantly with the increased concentrations of inhibitor and increases negligibly with increase in temperature, these results prove the retardation of loss in mechanical strength and surface erosion due to inhibition action of DTZ. Increased value of Poisson’s ratio suggests the reduction in longitudinal strain which checks the loss of hardness and strength of mild steel by action of strong acidic environment. Effect of temperature was non significant in acidic solution with inhibitor. Type of adsorption (Langmuir Adsorption isotherm) and mechanism of the inhibition action of DMGO are also reported in this study.”

5.    What will the audience take away from your presentation? 

•    With the growth of industrialization and modernization, it has now become essential for any country to construct and develop the basic infrastructure like highways, high speed rails, metro trains, bridges, schools, colleges, hospitals, strong air vehicle network etc. Development of these basic requisites has created a strong demand for production of steel. And we are doing so. We are now 4th largest steel producer in world. But production of steel and its products is only one step towards a sustained growth. We are facing strong challenges in maintaining the quality of steel products.

•    Corrosion has received considerable attention because of the staggering associated costs that result. With large number of outdoor structures such as buildings, fences, bridges, towers, automobiles, ships and innumerable other applications exposed to the different environment, there is no wonder that so much attention has been given to the subject. Considerable amount of work has been carried out on corrosion in acidic medium, however there has been little work concerning the effect of corrosion on the elastic coefficients of metal and the effect of inhibitor on the mechanical and electrical nature of metal.

•    Study will be effective to reduce corrosion at high temperature where traditional methods are not so effective.