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Jayen Barochia

Leading speaker for catalysis conference - Jayen Barochia

Title: Effect of transition metal promoter on cobalt based syngas to olefin synthesis

Jayen Barochia

SABIC Research and Technology Centre, Saudi Arabia


Jayen Barochia is Senior Scientist in SABIC Research and Technology Centre in Riyadh. Currently he is working on CO hydrogenation by modified Cobalt based FT catalysts, He is also working on Methane to Aromatics and Methane to Methanol catalyst development. His interest is practical usage of computational chemistry in catalyst design and development.


Talk will be about improvement in catalyst performance by transition metal promoters in cobalt based FT catalyst.

Audience Take away:

•    Researchers will familiarize with direct conversion of Syngas to lower olefin process.
•    Transition metal promoters and link between characterization and performance will be discussed.
•    The research work done is not for academic interest but for commercial technology development.