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Nirmala Vaz

Leading speaker for catalysis conference 2017 - Nirmala Vaz

Title: OsO4 catalysed oxidation of atropine sulphate monohydrate with chloramine-T in alkaline medium: Delineation of mechanistic pathways and kinetic modelling

Nirmala Vaz

Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, India


•    Dr. Nirmala Vaz is a Professor & Head of Chemistry and Director of Research for IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) 
•    Completed her B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed, and M.Phil from the University of Pune. Ph.D. in 2004 from the Bangalore University. Recently completed her Post Graduation in Event Management from XIME.
•    Member of University Grant Commission (UGC) the apex body for higher education.
•    Member of Board of Studies (BOS) in Chemistry and member of the Board of Examination (BOE) for the Mysore University. 
•    Academic council member of Indira Gandhi National Open University.
Member of the Indian Science Congress Association
Member of the Association of Kineticists of India
Member of the Indian Council of Chemists
The Indian Congress Association, Calcutta
Chemical Research Society of India, IISc Bangalore
•    Research experience in the field of Physical and Organic chemistry for over two decades.

•    Young scientists’ award was given for the innovative and novel method of preparing 3-benzylcoumarins and their derivatives with varied substitution patterns and its benzoderivatives by using the Wittig approach in 1990 by the Indian Science Congress.
•    Lifetime Achievement Award in Science for the contribution and achievement in the field of Chemistry was given by the Board of Management of the Venus International Foundation based on the VIWA 2017 Expert Committee Report and Apex Committee Recommendations on 4th March, 2017.
•    Published 29 papers in National and International Journals. 
•    Research collaborations with:
1.    Dr. A Radhakrishna, Joint Director, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bangalore.
2.    Dr. Venkat, Hindustan Unilever, Bangalore,
3.    Completed Minor Research and Major Research Project from  University Grant Commission (UGC).
•    Presented 81 papers at National and International Conferences.
•    Invited to give a talk on Oxidation of purine and pyrimidine base components of nucleic acids by bromamine-B in aqueous alkaline medium at  Belgium.
•    Visited several foreign Universities to name a few: University of Cambridge, Portsmoth, Manchester,  University of Huddersfield,  UK and Pisa University.

•    Examiner for setting CET,  NET and UPSC question papers for India, SET question papers for University of Jammu, Pune, Assam, Bharathiar and Osmania University.
•    UGC observer for NET exam for Gujarat, Portblair, Calicut, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Bharathiar, Chennai, Pune, Tirupathi, Mangalore, Maduri Kamraj and Osmania Universities.
•    Organised several National and International Conferences.


Atropine sulphate monohydrate(ASM) is a prominent anticholinergic drug . In the present research, osmium tetraoxide(OsO4) catalysed oxidation of ASM with chloramine-T (CAT) in NaOH medium has been kinetically investigated at 303K. The reaction rate exhibits a first – order dependence on each [CAT] and [ASM] and fractional – order dependence on both [NaOH] and [OsO4] . Atropine N-oxide was identified as the oxidation product of ASM by spectral data. Effects of added p-toluenesulfonamideandNaCl, varying dielectric constant and ionic strength of the medium on the rate of the reaction have been investigated. Activation parameters for the overall reaction and also with respect to OsO4 catalyst were deduced. It was found that OsO4 catalysed reaction is about fourteen-fold faster than the uncatalysed reaction. It clearly justifies the use of OsO4 as a catalyst for the present redox system. Based on the experimental results detailed mechanistic pathways and kinetic modelling have been carried out. 

Audience Take away:

•    The present paper on oxidation-kinetic study of Atropine sulphate monohydrate(ASM)   (anticholinergic drug) will throw some light on the mechanistic pathways and the fate of the drug in the biological system
•    It is also expected to give an insight into the interaction of metal ions with redox systems.
•    The proposed kinetic study will give an impetus, as the substrate is a prominent anticholinergic drug
•    The outcome of these work will have immense applications in pharmaceutical industries from the kinetic and mechanistic view points.