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Catalysis conference, this event is dedicated to fostering partnerships and collaboration amongst the catalysis professionals from the industry and academia and non-profit organization and government bodies.

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Buchang Shi

Eastern Kentucky University



Dr. Shi graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1991 with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.  After three years postdoctoral work at CAER of the University of Kentucky, he worked in the Center for Applied Energy Research of the University of Kentucky  for eleven years as a Scientist II.  He published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals in the area of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, fuel chemistry, catalysis, and isotope separation and analysis. His current research interests include:(1) the mechanism of the Fischer-Tropsch reactions. (2)Biofuel synthesis through thermalysis of biomass and Fischer-Tropsch process from syngas; (3) study the mechanisms of organic and catalytic reactions by stable isotope tracer techniques.