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Christo Boyanov Boyadjiev

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



Education and degrees:

  1. Education (1954 – 1960) - Higher Institute of Chemical Technology (Sofia, Bulgaria).
  2. PhD (1968) – USSR, Moscow Institute of Chemical Mechanical Engineering, PhD Thesis: "Influence of Surface Active Agents on Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Laminar Film Flow".
  3. Doctor of Technical Sciences (1978), Higher Institute of Chemical Technology (Sofia, Bulgaria), D. Sc. Thesis: "Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Falling Liquid Films".


  1. Bulgarian Order of Cyril and Methodius (first class).
  2. Russian Federation Order of Mihailo Lomonosow (National Committee for Public Prizes).


  1. Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Science, since 1962.
  2. Professor in Chemical Engineering, since 1981.
  3. Head of Laboratory: "Modelling and Optimization"; "Process Systems Engineering" (1974-2010).
  4. Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science - 2008.
  5. Professor Emeritus of Bulgarian Academy of Science – 2012;
  6. Editor-in-Chief of the “Transactions of Academenergo” (Scientific journal of the Russian Academy of Science).